Our mission

At Cheeterz Firearm Accessories, our mission is to make shooting easier for everyone, regardless of age, gender or experience level. Whether you’re protecting the ones you love at home, defending yourself out in a dangerous world, or shooting for sport, being proficient with your firearm is critical. The best way to build proficiency is through practice.

Our personal experience as well as feedback from many of our friends and family has taught us that loading magazines is the part of shooting that many shooters dread the most.  They feel that it’s difficult, time consuming and sometimes even painful – and it’s often the main reason they stop shooting or decide not to go shooting at all. We studied the market and quickly realized that existing products were not adequately addressing the needs of many consumers, and knew there had to be a better way. Founded by engineer and inventor, Richard Roe, Cheeterz Firearm Accessories was started in 2017 to help people gain proficiency with their firearms by taking away the pain points associated with shooting.

Our first “target” in making shooting easier was to make loading easier.  Our solution was to create a new category of ammunition, which we call Assisted Load Ammunition™.  We bundle traditional American-made ammunition and a delivery system together into one patented pre-filled disposable device which we named Cheeterz Ammo Podz.

Where did we get the name Cheeterz?  A “cheater” is a term commonly used in industry for a tool that makes a task easier (cheater bar or cheater pipe).  The cheetah is the fastest land animal. We combined these to highlight that our products make loading both easier and faster.  We added a “Z” at the end to make our brand more unique (and to prevent unwanted racy results from a search engine ).

Moving forward, we have several exciting products in various stages of development that we think will make shooting even more enjoyable, encourage shooters to practice more and will make practice more productive. 

We truly hope that through innovation, out of the box thinking and old-fashioned hard work, Cheeterz Firearm Accessories can make shooting more accessible and help broaden the shooting community.