When will Cheeterz Ammo Podz be available for other type of firearms?

Additional semi-automatic calibers (.380 ACP and .45 ACP) will be available in early 2020. Our patented devices for revolvers (.38 Special, .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum) and modern sporting rifles (.223 REM / 5.56 NATO) will follow in mid 2020.

Are Cheeterz Ammo Podz matched to specific firearm models?

Cheeterz Ammo Podz are “Universal Use” and are designed to work with all brands and models of a given caliber. This includes single and double stack magazines.

Are Cheeterz Ammo Podz filled with reloads?

Cheeterz only sells top-quality, American made, factory new brass. We do not sell reloaded or remanufactured ammunition.

Any tips on how to best use Cheeter Ammo Podz?

We have a “recommended” way, but our experience has shown that there are many viable ways. Each individual will have to determine what feels most natural. We have found that it takes the average user under 10 rounds to perfect their individual motion. Please visit our website to see the video on “how to use.” 

Quick tips:

  • Ensure that the rounds in the Cheeterz Ammo Podz are parallel to rounds in the magazine
  • Ensure the displacement leg is outside the catch on the magazine
  • Slide the round as far back as it will go before lifting the device 

What do I do with my Ammo Podz when empty?

Cheeterz Ammo Podz are designed for single use only. They are 100% recyclable and can be dropped in any recycle bin. 

Where are Cheeterz Ammo Podz made?

Cheeterz Ammo Podz are assembled in our facility in Des Arc, Arkansas. All orders are shipped from this location. All ammunition and devices are 100% Made in USA. 

How are Cheeterz Ammo Podz shipped? Do I need to be home to receive the package? 

Cheeterz Ammo Podz are shipped by ground (UPS Ground or FedEx Home Delivery) in a non-descript box that contains only our logo, website and the required shipping marks. The box does not indicate that it contains ammunition or firearm accessories. No signature is required. 

Can my order be shipped by US Mail?

The US Post Office does not ship ammunition. 

Are there any geographic restriction for ordering Cheeterz Ammo Podz online?

Certain states and cities restrict the sale of ammunition online (CA, NY, DC) Other municipalities require us to obtain certain documentation for the user prior to shipment (NJ, MA. CT, IL) Please visit our shipping section to learn more. 

Are items returnable or exchangeable?

Due to federal law and safety concerns, ammunition can not returned or exchanged. All sales final. Please make sure you select the correct caliber before you order.